daniel kleinman + plane stupid: polar bear.

Ok, so first off, holy fuck! Secondly, this is really not very subtle. I’m not sure when polar bears became the sole animal mascot for global warming (I get it, ice caps melting and all, they’re relatively close to panda bears, but still…) Thirdly, the connection between the carbon footprint of your flight equating to the weight of a polar bear is a little tenuous for me and the message isn’t insightful, just shocking and heavy-handed. But, back to my original thought, which was… holy fuck! It affected me enough to post it, so there must be something going on. Or maybe I’m just stressed out now. Holy fuck.

No holds barred work for the Plane Stupid campaign from Mother London, directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced by Rattling Stick.

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  1. Interesting post, i enjoyed it =D


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