quick + dirty #2: red song, camouflar, we float and bad choices.

Quick + Dirty is back with a hot list of videos I think you need to see…

suuns: red song.

galaxie + mathieu cyr: camouflar.

my first earthquake + satan’s pearl horses: we float.

shout out out out out + a.j. bond + chris von szombathy: bad choices.

a.j. bond: hirsute.

For a while I was obsessed with time theory and the idea that for every decision we make time splits and continues on two different lines. It’s very “Sliding Doors.” Today there was a Jeremy that caught the streetcar at 8:45am, and one that missed it and caught the next streetcar at 8:50 am. And who knows how that will change the course of my life? With every decision by every person in the world creating an alternate timeline, it would take about a second for an almost innumerable amount of timelines to be created. In some we’re famous. In some we’ve already died. In some we cure HIV. In some, HIV never even existed in the first place.

If you think about it for along enough, you border on insanity. Seriously. Stop thinking about it…


The idea of unweaving the temporal fabric and twisting it to our will is explored in A.J. Bond’s short film “Hirsute.” Bond takes the fascination I had with alternate universes one step further by looking at what would happen if, instead of splitting into diverging timelines, the current you and another you were somehow able to meet one day. Produced by The Siblings, the production company Bond shares with his co-producer and director of photography Amy Belling, “Hirsute” is dreamy yet contained, and completely unafraid to stare the future right in the face.

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