david shrigley for pringle of scotland.

David Shrigley is an animation and illustration icon. One of the few animators whose work is so individual that you can usually immediately recognize it’s Shrigley from a single still, his sparsely drawn, seemingly haphazard illustration work is  legendary.

I was a little surprised and worried when I came across a video by Shrigley for luxury knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland. In January I’d seen on one of my favourite blogs, Kitsune Noir, that Pringle had commissioned one of my favourite photographers, Ryan McGinley, to make a film showcasing the Spring/Summer 2010 line that featured the terrifyingly austere Tilda Swinton wandering the misty Scottish highlands in various knits. To me, it was dull and, while beautiful, a waste of McGinley’s phenomenal talents. I was nervous that Shrigley’s work wouldn’t shine either.

I didn’t need to worry. Not only is the video quintessential Shrigley, but it’s totally entertaining; I laughed out loud more than once. Turns out Pringle of Scotland has a refreshing sense of humour, not only about itself but about the entire fashion industry, and they’re not afraid to show it.

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format + moxy creative: nu nouveau.

Summer’s almost here, and if you’re a guy like me that means it’s time to buy a ridiculous amount of tee shirts. Artsy tee shirts are design-geek crack. Not douchebag hipsteronic wannabe tee shirts, I’m talking about the real shit. High design, with illustrations hot enough to be created on cotton or canvas. You know it when you see it, and if you don’t know the difference then you don’t know what I’m talking about. 


Throwing some spice into the hunt is Format’s Nu Nouveau Lookbook for Spring/Summer ’09. Inspired by art nouveau (and with a Lookbook as hot as the goods, designed by Moxy Creative), shirts by heavyweights like MWM Graphics, Blaine Fontana, Brand Nu, Eepmon, Lemar & Dauley, and Mishka are only being produced in runs of 300 per design. So you won’t only have better taste that the other guys, you likely won’t run into anyone with the same tee. Unless you do, in which case some sort of font-identification face off may be required to determine design-saavy dominance…


jean-charles de castelbajac: jcdc vs. lego.

I got tipped off to this completely kick ass vid by the equally kick ass Josh Spear. Designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac revealed his Spring/Summer 2009 collection in an animated LEGO-populated fashion show video, called “JCDC Vs. Lego.” It’s pure win. Everything happiness-inducing is right here: LEGO, clouds, models, rainbows, animation, electro-beats. I can’t take how cool this is…

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diesel + the viral factory: sfw xxx.

This is fucking amazing. Literally. Please… just watch it. Watch it right now.

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(Agency: The Viral Factory. Animation: Big Animal.)

The original idea of a site called SFW Porn, which takes some (seriously nasty) XXX pics and pixellates clothes onto the porn stars, The Viral Factory and director Keith Schofield take the same idea onto film for the build-up to Diesel’s globe-hopping 17 city 30th anniversary, Diesel XXX.

I think my fave part is the corn eating. That, or the chick “spinning” on the turntables. What’s yours?

This shit is going to spread like wildfire, so start sending it around now. Viral brilliance everywhere.

Thanks to Jason for the tip.

concepts + nike = sb lobster dunk low.

Nobody ever took over the world playing it safe. For proof as to why Nike is Nike, we need look no further than the freshly caught and released Nike SB Lobster Dunk Low.

In collab with Concepts and designed by Rob Heppler, these shoes are almost unspeakably awesome in their full crustacean glory: from the (surprisingly attractive) dappled shell lowers to the gingham insoles (very Barefoot Contessa…) to the little blue elastic claw-bands wrapped around the toes, I’m just blown away at how irreverently cool they’ve managed to make these.

It gets better. The first 50 buyers into the Concepts store in Cambridge got their hands on a limited edition box set:

I’m not sure I have words to describe how much I love the limited edition packaging. Besides coming in a wooden lobster-trap box, there are some Concepts tees, an additional set of butter-yellow laces, shell-crackers and that little metal do-hickey you use to pull the meat out of hard to reach lobster places, and a Wet Nap. That’s right – there’s a fucking WET NAP in there!

No big surprise that these puppies are totally sold out. The limited sets are already up on eBay for about $2000 US, and I found the shoes alone for about $400 US. That would buy a lot of lobster.

Via Kitsune Noir + Hypebeast

diesel goes back to future.

I love Diesel because they’re never afraid to take risks. After their recent post-environmental apocalypse campaign, they’re doing the futuristic thing again with their new Human After All campaign.

No matter how technologically advanced we become, our little human fights and foibles aren’t going anywhere. And (thank god) we still get to wear fabulously hot jeans. My personal fave is the first – where even in the future putting together your Ikea is a pain in the ass…






(Agency: Marcel Paris)

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my hard on for wood wood.

This is the story of how I became obsessed with Copenhagen-based designers wood wood. A year ago, during some random magazine perusal, I came across The Tee Shirt. Yes, the capitalization is intentional because this was not just any tee shirt, but The Tee Shirt…


C’mon! It’s a rainbow turned into a sad face and it’s Scandinavian. What more do you need? I went online to find The Tee Shirt. Being a little strapped for cash at the time, I balked when I found out that with shipping it would come to $150 CAD… for a tee shirt. But not really, since this was The Tee Shirt. I heard my Mom deride “it’s just a tee shirt”. I heard my friends scream “but it’s The Tee Shirt!”. Screw you, Mom. It was destined to be mine.

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gimme gimme: acme made + paul smith

For those of you who are just getting to know me, I’ll reiterate that – much like a toddler or a magpie – I’m fanatically drawn to design that features recurring patterns of bright colours. So it’s no big shocker then that one of my all-time fave designers is Paul Smith. He almost universally slaps those perfectly placed lines of juicy colour on every damn thing he makes. And for that I’m eternally grateful.


This new laptop bag is a collab between Sir Paul and utility meets function experts Acme Made. Their website goes on about functionality and textiles and blah blah blah. It’s got Paul Smith stripes and it’s groovy and you’ll look better than everyone else when you carry it. That’s all you need to know.

Get it at wejetset