hudson + dropbear: against the grain.

Before we continue, I need you to know something about me: I take art supplies very seriously. Always have, always will. I obsessed over markers, cried over broken crayons and openly coveted my Dad’s set of Prismacolour pencil crayons that he would sometimes let me touch, but never draw with, because they had metallics in them. I repeat, METALLIC PENCIL CRAYONS.

In Grade 3, my Mom, in some sort of  back-to-school buying haze, bought me the 20-pack of Laurentians instead of the 24-pack I’d clearly requested. Then, in her bloodlust to shut me up and get me back in school already, she acted like it was no big deal. This was unacceptable. I needed the extra four colours. One was robin’s egg blue. What was I supposed to do; draw with the ultramarine and peacock blue at the same time and hope for the best? Obviously not. So, I promptly rode my bike to the local drug store and was almost immediately caught shoving the 24-pack down the front of my pants. It seemed like the only logical thing to do at the time. I was trapped in an A Time To Kill-esque moral dilemma and the only solution that made sense was to just steal the extra four. There was simply no other way.

Long story short (too late!) this is all to say that pencil crayons are the undeniably awesome tools of youth and memory, and this nifty stop-mo vid for Hudson’s “Against The Grain” by animator/filmmaker Dropbear is making me feel like stealing something. Wait, I mean… drawing… with pencil crayons. Yeah. That’s it.

(I also punched my fist through my Lite Brite once because I was one peg away from completing the Clown Face and discovered that I was missing the last peg. It was an insurmountable tragedy at the time, and I resorted to violence. I was four years old. But that’s a story for another time…)

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alan poon + zeus: marching through your head.

Canadian Alan Poon directed one of my favourite music videos of all time, 2008’s incredible macro-masterpiece for Bowerbirds’ “In Our Talons.” That track was a fiery lament against man’s destruction of the natural world, and Poon created a perfect visual to accompany it: a twisted, contorted microscopic look at our affect on the Earth and everything else that isn’t us.

In his latest, for  Zeus’ “Marching Through Your Head”, he continues to examine stop-motion and hyper-realistic nature imagery to create a dreamy, sharp, saturated landscape. This time, with a more light-hearted track, he gets to be humorous and play with marching shoes that grow bushes which turn into Zeus who jam, appropriately, in a ruin on the top of a mountain.

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charlotte cornaton: vanitas.

I love it when you stumble across something that proves yet again that no matter how often a technique is used, it’s the idea behind it that creates art. Stop motion is anything but new or underused, but with a vision and unique take from Charlotte Cornaton, “Vanitas” becomes an original entity unto itself.

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blu + david ellis: combo.

Argentine street artist Blu made huge waves on the net a while ago with his incredible street art/stop motion vido “Muto.”

His latest is a collaborative piece with David Ellis. It looks like this would take forever. Even if it’s not your aesthetic, you can’t help but be blown away by the intensity of the process…

Via @MarcDSchiller

rymdreglage: 8-bit trip.

This took 1500 hours. And it shows. Sweet Jesus…

Crazy killer stop motion vid created by Swedish creative team Rymdreglage, with animation by Thomas Redign and music by Daniel Larsson.

Via one of my new fave motion blogs –  No Zap

joker’s daughter + hayley morris: lucid.

Besides loving this song, the vid for Joker’s Daugter’s “Lucid”, directed by artist and animator Hayley Morris,  gives me a strong renaissance magic vibe. I feel court jesters, voodoo, tarot cards, commedia dell’arte, and hooded men sitting in towers controlling things you don’t realize they’re controlling. Morris shot the whole thing with hand-made paper puppets on painted backgrounds. Impressive.

Joker’s Daughter is a musical collab between legendary producer Danger Mouse and UK-born folk singer/songwriter Helena Costas. Their debut, “The Last Laugh”, dropped in June but I’m just catching on to it now.

Clearly exhibiting an eye for visuals as well as an ear for music, I’m also really into the vid for “Worm’s Head”, directed by Randy Knott.

ranger 3 + eric power: sense of direction.

The term “claymation” make my skin crawl. In light of that, let’s say that stop motion animation created with lovingly sculpted clay characters kicks some serious ass. Especially if it’s as good as Eric Power’s vid for Ranger 3’s “Sense of Direction.”

On a side note, I think the colour of perfectly sun-dabbled lucious green grass might be my favourite colour in the world. But I’m also fickle, so ask me again tomorrow…

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tomas mankovsky: little big love.

Tomas Mankovsky made a major splash on the webs (on almost every blog like mine, including mine) with his crazy stop-mo vid “Sorry I’m Late.” That vid was kick ass and deserved every accolade it got.

Digging around I came across another Mankovsky short, and I think this one is even more stellar. “Little Big Love” just strolled away with a piece of my heart, and once you watch it too you’ll know exactly why.

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looking thru the b-sides released.

Last September I posted the killer trailer for the incredible looking short “Looking Thru The B-Sides”, directed by Saimon Chow and the folks at Golden Lucky. I had kinda forgotten about it, and then now and then I’d come across something from Chow or Golden Lucky and wonder when it was coming out. Good things, like they say, come to those who wait…

This week the full Fuel TV 8-minute short was released. And it’s fucking epic. Stop reading and watch this little stop-motion technotronic skateboard gem right now. I want to live inside Chow’s brain.

Update: I just got an email from Saimon that they’ve had a problem with the YouTube vid and had to take it down. You can watch it on Golden Lucky’s site by clicking here.

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we have band + david wilson: you came out.

Again, some stop motion awesomeness with little more than face paint, mirrors, and whole shitload of patience and time. This puppy was shot over 2 days and edited from more that 4,800 stills. Plus I’m really into this new track, “You Came Out”, from We Have Band, with the vid directed by David Wilson.