anna ter haar: “buitenbeentje” + “a matter of appearance”.

Dutch designer and artist Anna ter Haar has a love of colour, the patience for creating something pain-stakingly different, and a drive to push the boundaries of design, film, and art.

Of her series of altered furniture “Buitenbeentje” (Dutch for “odd man out”) she says “this research is the result of my fascination for everything that differs the normal: the odd man out, the freaks.
Certain appearances that are so ugly and disgusting that they become interesting”.
I’m not sure if it’s really weird then that I find these chairs awesomely beautiful.

Like a multi-coloured stalactite, she laboriously drips different hues of polyurethane resin around the rim of a hole she’s cut in a chair or table and removed the leg. As each dripping dries out it hardens, allowing the next layer to continue, until eventually the amputated leg is reformed by the rainbowed resin. The results are organic, beautiful, and completely unique to each work. The series was shown at the international design fair Salone del Mobile in Milan this April.

She’s also got a cool time-lapsed vid that gives us a peek into her process:

In her graduation film project, she collaborated with Cris Bartel on an interesting film, paint, collage, video mash-up called “A Matter of Appearance”.

In this great making of vid, you can check out how they did it; first creating the shifting imagery and art work, and then projecting it over their subjects while filming:

Via Design Milk

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