yaya chou: gummi bear bear.

How awesome is this? It’s a big gummi bear…made out of little gummi bears! I love stuff made out of the stuff that it already is.


Bi-coastal artist and animator YaYa Chou lives in both Los Angeles and Taiwan.  The gummi bear sculpture “Simon” debuted in 2006. I’m particularly impressed that, instead of making a living gummi bear out of gummi bears, she made a bear skin rug out of gummi bears. Yaya is really dedicated to this whole candy thing, as evidenced by her gummi bear chandelier:



  1. it is very amazing.. very creative. you inspired me. my b/f is a big fan of gummy bears! he wouldnt stop eating them. lol

  2. I do some bear etching but you have topped it all. You do amazing things with the gummi bears.
    Great work!


  3. Jessica Albano says:

    Jeremy-This just changed my existence!!!

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