surfrider foundation: catch of the day.

This is smart. Super smart. It’s getting more and more rare to see an actual, honest to goodness guerilla campaign that involves both a surprise and an insight tied together with a purpose. Slapping decals on the hand-rests of escalators just isn’t enough anymore.

To bring some attention to ocean pollution and just how disgusting it really is,  Surfrider Foundation teamed up with Satchi & Satchi LA to create “Catch of the Day.” Simply and brilliantly, they collected actual trash from beaches around the U.S., packaged it like food, and left it on display at farmer’s markets. It’s site-specific, appropriate, impacting, meaningful, shocking, and an actual consumer insight into the very act they’re in the middle of. Someone about to buy fish from the same ocean as the trash in their hands can’t help but be at least a little more enlightened as to how pollution isn’t someone else’s problem.

Condom Strips – Newport Beach, CA


Butts-n-Bits – Venice Beach, CA


Plastic Surprise – Galveston Beach, TX


Styrofoam Bites – Long Beach, CA


Aerosol Valu-Pack – South Padre Beach, TX


Thanks to Jessica at Thoughts Punctuated for the tip.


  1. John Riley says:

    Very, very compelling campaign! But I agree with the first post. It seems like it should be at mass retailers!

  2. Jarnsy says:

    I like the idea in general but why leave them at Farmers Markets where more down to earth, locally consuming people are in the first place? I think the target audience is more likely in your giant grocery stores and walmarts, barf. Leave the poor farmers alone.

  3. StPetePat says:

    great images and thought provoking words. thanks. wishin garbage in my gulf was the worst thing on the horizon. BP with 760 safety violations in same time frame that Exxon had one [1] only one !

  4. по моему мнению: превосходно…

  5. Fantastic idea. The only objection I have to it is that it’s packed in more styrofoam and plastic. If I find one of these ambient ads in the water next time I go for a paddle, I’m gonna be pissed.

  6. Kathrin says:

    excellent idea!!!
    Keep going,really like it.

  7. Great campaign…very good idea…i like it…clic my name 😛

  8. A terrible subject and most widely discussed one.No solution.
    A optimum dose of advt is required for any thing in the world.but excess of
    everything ——— ?

  9. That’s amazing…. Even if ad agencies are in trouble, people are still out there thinking of cool ways to get the word out!

  10. great. effective. try doing that in my county (philippines) guess what you’ll have to pack.

  11. Jens Odegaard says:

    That’s a really great idea, but I hope they are using recyclable material to package that trash. I’m a big fan of the Surfrider Foundation, being a surfer myself.

  12. Great campaign idea, very clever.

    The campaign grabs your attention and gets the point across without screwing with anybody. PETA should take a lesson. Throwing red paint on people is so not cool.

  13. Nathan Guannan Zhang says:

    I like it! Keep up the good work!

    Maybe I will write about this is a short story some time!

  14. nearlynormalized says:

    Thank you, what you don’t see is easy to ignore, not this…keep the ideas flowing a solution is near!!!!

  15. Papa Pio says:

    It is good, not for the “products” and its packages. But by the spreading out through INTERNET!!!!!!

  16. That’s awesome!

    Creative genius!

  17. A wonderful example of great advertising, it’s arresting, it communicates purposefully, and you have to pay attention. Great find and great job to the agency.

    I recently wrote an article called “Is Advertising Worth Saving?”

    Although I say yes it is, I think the ad industry is in trouble, but examples like this give me continued faith in the creativity, imagination and focus that can come from ad agencies at their best.

  18. ‘mazin.


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