mtv + noneofusarefree: “burma viral”.

In the devastating wake of Cyclone Nargis, the benevolent givers of the world have been forced to walk a very fine line: how to offer help to individual people in dire need, but who are citizens of a government that refuses to accept it?

“Burma Viral” is a video collaboration between the Burma Arts Board and MTV, and was created by Shilo and Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam. MTV has donated its Time Square Jumbotron to air the viral, which encourages people to head to to donate money to the cyclone victims.

In it lies a simple, understated message. Will the hope it contains alleviate any of our own first-world, Times Square hopping, shopping-spree fueled guilt? Perhaps. But whether it will reach any of the of the injured souls in Burma that it’s intended for, we’ll probably never know…

Via Adrants

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